Notes From The Garden Of Lilies ch07

Rated: Safe

It's time for the final confrontation.
While this may be the last regular chapter, the series isn't quite over yet. There are still over 30 pages of extras to go which will expand on the ending and include another Shinobu x Asuza subplot, among other things. So look forward to it.
With the release of volume 2 we now have official chapter numbers (hence why this is ch7 and not ch9). Older chapter files have been updated, adjusting them to the new order. You can update your archives through the Release Backlog.
The correct order is:
ch04 -> ch03.2
ch03.5 / web03 -> ch03.5
ch05 -> ch03.7
ch06 -> ch04
ch07 -> ch05
ch08 -> ch06